Come to Italy!

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Italy was a favourite travel destination for many foreign poets and writers. In Italy many different cultures came together giving rise from North to South to a host of a different artistic treasures. No less interesting are the many different types of landscape and natural beauty: the snowy Alps contrast with long, sandy beaches or the rugged cliffs along the Peninsula of Sorrento, while the Appennines with their dense woodland and rounded peaks slope gently down to the luxuriant valleys and sunny plains. Not to be forgotten are Italy’s splendid parks and precious nature reserves, and those clear lakes that have long attracted tourists from all over the world offering holidays immersed in the beauties of Nature. The coasts and islands are charming and clean, with more uncontaminated landscapes where splendid seas with clear blue water can be enjoyed even in Wintertime and the sun shines nearly all the year round.

Of major importance also in Italy’s nature panorama are her fascinating mountains, equipped with all modern facilities, restaurants, typical refuges and fitted solariums for those who wish to enjoy the sunshine as well as getting in some skiing.

images (45)

So with all its culture and environmental treasures, towns steeped in history, masterpieces of art and architecture and comfortable hotels, Italy can satisfy every possible need, and rather than just a pleasant stay, can offer visitors an unforgettable holiday!


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